Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet Bo, the Star of this Blog

This is Trotting Brooke Thunder, aka "Bo", a 5 year old miniature horse stallion. Up until now, Bo has been used as a breeding stallion and pet. He will be joining my family in two days, and he will begin his education as a driving horse as well as learning tricks and being my pet.

I have spent many years studying and experimenting with clicker training methods, often using those methods to "fix" or overcome problems presented in traditionally trained horses. I look forward to clicker training Bo, who is nearly a clean slate and doesn't present with "problems". He is a pleasant-natured, mature horse whose only training is he leads and ties. I look forward to adding many more skills in the future, but first we'll start with some basic ground work, leading skills and giving to pressure. We'll eventually move on to trick training as well as teaching Bo to drive, or pull a cart, and go on to compete in driving competitions.

Drop in and visit us occasionally to see how Bo's education is going.